Decorated Furniture - Decorated and Hand Painted | Mobili di Castello Italy
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About This Project

I Decori

The culture of our region, Umbria, has always been closely bound up with the histories of talented artists and craftsmen who, over the centuries, have helped to create an Umbrian style of furniture, furnishings and decoration. Right in the heart of Umbria, at Città del Castello, Mobili di Castello's refined range of furniture offers you the chance to recapture the lines, materials and decoration that have played such an important part in our traditions. The feather in the cap of Mobili di Castello products is perhaps the way we decorate our furniture: specially and exclusively conceived for Mobili di Castello, a few Umbrian artists have revived painting and decoration techniques dating back to renaissance times, and use them to make this range of furniture unique. No two pieces of furniture are the same and each one is created by an artist. Mobili di Castello offers authenticity that is fundamental to the brand, allowing everyone to find their own style and create a home that mirrors their tastes.

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