Umbrian Style Furniture - Decorated Bathroom Furniture | Mobili di Castello Italy
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An imaginary itinerary through Italian sites and landscapes, in search of the reverberations and echoes of all the possible styles and shapes which you will rediscaver in your home.

A journey in search of the sources of inspiration which have led to the development of the culture and tradition of Italian furniture. A daring and impassioned adrenture, the results of which come to life in the Mobili di Castello bathroom range. A rich collection of period furnishings for your bathroom, the ideal continuation of the purest craft tradition realised with the noble materials of our land. All this has been achieved bearing in mind the demands of a client with original choices, ever curious and in search of new domestic scenarios.

The culture of our region, Umbria, has always been closely bound up with the histories of talented artists and craftsmen who, over the centuries, have helped to create an Umbrian style of furniture, furnishings and decoration. Right in the heart of Umbria, at Città del Castello, Mobili di Castello’s refined range of furniture offers you the chance to recapture the lines, materials and decoration that have played such an important part in our traditions.

The feather in the cap of Mobili di Castello products is perhaps the way we decorate our furniture: specially and exclusively conceived for Mobili di Castello, a few Umbrian artists have revived painting and decoration techniques dating back to renaissance times, and use them to make this range of furniture unique. No two pieces of furniture are the same and each one is created by an artist.

Mobili di Castello offers authenticity that is fundamental to the brand, allowing everyone to find their own style and create a home that mirrors their tastes. The attics and basements of aristocratic vilas are rummaged for antique furnuture that’s beyond ordinary repair.

Our goal is to imbue our furniture with the special allure that only the slow passage of time confers on wood that patina of stately, subtle mystery that this highly cherished material acquires, polishing after loving polishing.

Next, it is hand finished with wax or decorated with designs that recall our culturally rich past. In the end, the purchase seems more a solemn assignment of custody than anything else, because this sort of furniture is more than a mere object: its a vital cultural testament.

The BAGNO LINE is just as luxurious. This line features the warmth of wood artfully combined with the sobriety of Carrara marble and is distinguished by classic styling resonating with echoes of the past and offering an especiall rich selection of mirrors.

The charm of natural, wer finished wood surfaces has been enhanced by a gamut of colors for those who want an added personal touch: desert beige, ultramarine, dusty rose and aqua.

And finally, the catalogue contains a whole ries of bathroom accessories: etageres, stools, mirror cabinets as well as towel wracks, soap dishes and other accesories. Wielding them to mike the sideboards in this series absolutely unique: no two pieces are alike: each one represents a masterpiece of Umbrian crafismanship.